I don't care how many times I have to cry, my tears are prayers. If I slip, I don't mind getting back up with scrapped knees. When anxiety grips me, I am okay with the discomfort; I may have forgotten something in that moment, but I am digging my toes deeper into the Earth and settling into a deeper comfort zone that has nothing to do with the energetic terrain of psychological warfare, and how it activates land mines of hurt within.

I am okay that the inner child feels the thorns and knives and every gripping concern that a pure heart can't escape, that brings forth the crone to keep it alive, as the magical child turns them into a way to climb over the gates of the insanity of this World and into the realms where the prayers that dreams are built from, blossom from the seeds of Spirit, eternally watered by the diamond tears of the Heart, forever nourished by our inner Sun and anchored on the fertile land of the imagination ~ the true reality illuminated....

~ Laura Magdalene Eisenhower 

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