"I have crossed a threshold from the world of settled, static, safe, and reliable, into the world where the only predictable thing is change. It is unfamiliar, that’s for sure, but it’s a place where magic still exists, where curiosity and creativity thrive. 

I’ve given up Always Knowing the Answers, Having a Destination, and Following the Road to Progress. I’m starting over with all the uncertainty that comes at this stage, sensing old habits still alive within me, waiting to prove me wrong with each mistake. 

I struggle to stay the path among a sea of non-believers – those among me who relate to the Old Roles and Faces as though my life is still the same, as though I have not shed the things that once defined me – that killed me by inches, until I had forgotten my True Name."

Kristen, www.thespiritthatmovesme.blogspot.com
— with Jo Whiterock-Gordon.

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