The Womb of Life

    • "Something deep in the human soul awakens as things fall apart. Something in the soul knows that everything in this world can become lost. And something in the soul knows how to survive periods of devastation, disorientation and loss. Descent and falling is the way of the soul from its beginning. We each fell from the womb of life when the waters of the inner sea broke and it came time for us to breathe on our own. We continue to descend in order to become ourselves more fully, in order to find our own inner depths and be born again from within. A specific gravity brought each of us here and at times we must descend further, for our soul would have us understand who we already are at our core and in our depths."
      - Michael Meade, "Why the World Doesn't End"

    • photo: @carolewildlife

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  • Susan Tereba

    Beautifully expressed. This soul-feeling has found it’s way into your jewelry.

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